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Anatomical description during standard upper endoscopy

	author = {Ahmad Najdat Bazarbashi and Kelly E. Hathorn and Marvin Ryou},
	title = {Anatomical description during standard upper endoscopy},
	journal = {Art of Surgery},
	volume = {3},
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	year = {2019},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {In this video (Figure 1), we demonstrate standard upper endoscopy performed on a 50-year-old patient with history of gastroesophageal (GE) reflux disease and dyspepsia. We highlight the common anatomical landmarks of the upper gastrointestinal tract (Table 1, Figure 2) and endoscopic techniques for successful esophageal intubation, gastric retroflexion, duodenal access and tissue sampling using biopsy forceps.},
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